Lori's barn in Saratoga is nearly completed, with four walls and a roof. It is constructed on nine poles, and has two bays--each one 8 feet wide and 16 feet deep. As of fall 2012, it still needs shingles and paint but it withstood Hurricane Sandy. The barn was meant to house a small boat and a '66 Beetle, but now both are moving out and this will have to find a new purpose--possibly Lori's time out cave.

Here are before and after photos of Lori’s bookshelf wall project, which created a little book nook in the apartment she shares with partner Suzanne Parker.

This is a barn that Lori built

This is Lori attaching metal roof to rafters with screws. No one ever said carpentry was a pretty business. Note hammer slung in tool belt; useless, but fun to have hanging around.

Still no plan to quit my day job, but... wish I could spend life making bookshelves (and reading books)